About The Leadership College

On the 18th January 2010, The Leadership College opened in Manenberg with an inaugural class of 40 leaders. TLC as it is commonly known, is a completely free school where learners receive uniform, stationery, excursions, etc. for free. The school was opened for those learners who are extremely good academically but cannot afford to attend a good school, so these kids slip through the cracks and take over the reigns of the drug and gang lords. When the school started, it was located at a local Mosque, but each year when the school grew, Mrs. Norton had find an alternative premises. This is when she got permission to lease a premises from the Child Welfare Society in Manenberg. The school is located in Manenberg so that learners do not have any difficulty in attending school every day.

Our Four Distinctive Elements

Merit-Based Entry Leadership Development Entrepreneurial Training Expertise in University and Career Placement
The Leadership College admits a diverse muslim student body without regard to the students’ race, gender, citizenship or family wealth. A multi-faceted selection process will ensure that talented muslim students from impoverished backgrounds have an opportunity to attend the College. Selection will be based on academic merit alone, and we anticipate that all our learners will receive financial assistance to attend the College. Leadership will be formally taught in the College’s curriculum with the goal of instilling a robust system of values in our students. Students will discover the traits of highly effective leaders from case studies. “Leadership Perspectives” speaker series will bring distinguished leaders from across the continent to share their experiences with students. Each student will also receive individual leadership coaching from his or her personal mentor. Students will engage in various exercises and experiences designed to develop their interpersonal skills. And in their final year on campus, each student will be required to plan and execute a Culminating Project that has a lasting positive impact on an African community. The Leadership College seeks to provide its students with the foundation and inspiration they will need to design innovative solutions to challenging problems and create entrepreneurial ventures. Periodic “design challenges” will help student access their creativity to develop innovative solutions. Guest speakers will act as entrepreneurial role models and will help students gain the confidence required to one day embark upon their own entrepreneurial journeys. An annual business plan competition for seniors will motivate students to think about the types of organizations they someday want to create and lead. The Leadership College will help students gain admission to the world’s premiere universities and will provide students with expert guidance in navigating the university admissions process. We will ensure that our graduates have a strong chance of gaining admission to and scholarship assistance from leading global universities that best match their interests and needs. After students have left for university, the College’s careers office will maintain relations with graduates, alerting them to job opportunities and enabling them to build a career on the continent.
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Mrs Ashra Norton

Ashra Norton is the founder of the school. She is a resident of Manenberg and she attended the Silverstream Primary and High school. When she completed her schooling career, she applied to university to complete a degree in Pharmaceuticals. However, because she came from a very poor background, her parents did not have the funds to send her to complete her course. At the time the government gave bursaries to coloured and black students for teaching. She then received a research project, which dealt with gangsterism and drugs, and because she came from Manenberg she went to interview all the leaders of all the gangs. With this, she came to a conclusion these leaders have extreme leadership characteristics, because without the necessary training, they could deal with people and also handle large quantities of money. She then became the Administrator at Islamia College and part of her job description, she introduced a bursary scheme which would allow people from poorer communities to attend a good private school. This however proved to her that these learners could not cope, especially during break when all the learners are at the tuckshop and they would just hibernate. She then realized that a good school should be in the poor areas where learners have no difficulty in attending.

  • Merit-Based Entry
  • Leadership Development
  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Expertise in University and Career Placement

Great leaders find strength in a robust system of values. At The Leadership College, we follow ten core values which form the foundation of our programme. Our faculty, guest speakers and mentors will embody these values. Students will be expected to uphold these values throughout their time at the College and long after they left our campus.

Extensive Outreach Programmes

TLC will leverage its resources to create positive change beyond the boundaries of its campus in Cape Town, South Africa. At TLC, students are encouraged to follow their passions and interests. They are encouraged to join existing clubs and start new ones. All students have a highly active life outside the classroom.

TLC students are involved in local schools and communities through our various community service programs. Students participate in a wide variety of activities such as regular visits to assist at Orphanages and Old Age Homes. They also particpate in tutoring programs on campus as well as community clean-up efforts.

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